If you see symptoms of pre-diabetes, protect yourself with these tips

This disorder is directly related to urine. Uncontrolled blood sugar affects many parts of the body. It can affect internal organs such as the heart, kidneys, eyes, blood vessels and nerves. Long-term diabetes increases the risk of blindness, from heart disease to kidney failure. 

Symptoms of diabetes- Diabetes is not a sudden disease in anyone. it occurs. Some signs of this are already starting to appear. Symptoms of pre-diabetes are excessive thirst, tiredness, frequent urination, sudden weight loss, excessive hunger, tingling in the feet or hands. In pre-diabetes, you do not need medicines to maintain blood glucose levels. 

Don’t take sugar- White sugar means eating white sugar products completely It should be closed. Instead of using natural sugar from fruits, jaggery or honey, white sugar contains only calories. The body does not get any nutrition from this, but natural things should also be taken in a limit. For example, a spoonful of honey, a small piece of jaggery should not be taken more than one or two fruits,

Do Yoga- If you have symptoms of pre-diabetes then it is necessary for this For the pancreas to function optimally, it is necessary to remain active and improve metabolism. Do yoga or meditation for 40-60 minutes daily or do Pranayama for 20 minutes every day.

Get good sleep- 7-8 hours of good sleep for pre-diabetics Must take sleep. Good sleep improves immunity, reduces chronic inflammation, reduces physical and mental stress, and also maintains proper hormones.

Dinner at the right time- If you are pre-pregnant If you are a patient of diabetes, then you have to pay special attention to the difference between the meals. Dinner should be taken at least three hours before sleeping. This keeps the liver detox. Apart from this, a gap of 3 hours should also be kept between breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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