If you sleep with your face covered in winter, be careful today itself, the consequences are dangerous

The outbreak of cold has started increasing gradually across the country. Now people have started feeling shivering in the morning and evening. People use quilts-blankets, warm sweaters etc. to avoid cold. While sleeping at night, you must have often noticed that some people in the family cover their face with quilt blanket to avoid cold. Some even wrap the blanket from all sides in such a way that outside air cannot enter inside and their body remains warm and they get a good sleep. But, do you know that sleeping with your mouth covered causes harm to the body. There will probably be very few people who will know about this. If you or someone in your family does this then be careful. Know why you should not sleep by covering your face with quilt blanket

Heart attack may come 

To avoid the cold, people cover the quilt-blanket till the head. Some people close the quilt blanket from all sides and prefer to stay inside it. Doing so can be harmful to our health. Actually, keeping the blanket covered till the head does not allow the flow of oxygen properly, due to which a condition like suffocation comes. If someone in the family is suffering from asthma or heart problems, then lack of oxygen can create a serious situation for them. Many times due to this people also get heart attack.

Mental health may deteriorate 

Due to not getting enough oxygen and overheating, problems like headache, sleeplessness, nausea, fatigue can also occur. It has been revealed in some research that mental health is affected due to sleeping with the mouth covered. Because of this, people may have problems like Alzheimer’s (forgetfulness) or dementia.

May increase weight 

People who are suffering from the disease of sleep apnea, they have difficulty in breathing in such a situation. For this reason, the person’s sleep is not complete and their weight also starts increasing.

Sleep Apnea is a disease in which a person has trouble breathing while sleeping. Because of this, the breathing of the person stops in his sleep and he does not know. Doctors say that the difficulty of stopping breathing in sleep can be from a few seconds to 1 minute. People suffering from this disease snore loudly. However, it is not necessary that the person who snores suffers from this disease i.e. sleep apnea.

Disorder in Panchan

In winter the days are short and the nights are long. Because of this the person starts sleeping more than the average. Due to excessive sleeping, our food is not digested properly and weight starts increasing. Due to lack of physical activity, metabolism slows down and due to this, fat starts accumulating in the body. Body weight increases rapidly due to fat accumulation.

How to cure the habit 

If you also have the habit of sleeping by covering your face with a quilt blanket, then try to change this habit. If you are facing difficulty in doing this, then while covering the quilt up to the mouth, you must keep a small part of the mouth out of the quilt. Due to this, sufficient amount of oxygen will reach the body and you will not have health problems. 

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