‘Illiterate panchayat’ elected unopposed in Jhabua, woman became sarpanch for the fourth time in a row

Mp Panchayat Chunav: In the Panchayat elections of Madhya Pradesh, the candidates are trying their best to become Panch, Sarpanch. They are making various promises regarding development. Along with being educated, capable and combative, he is trying to tell himself to be better than his rival. In the midst of all this, there is such a panchayat in Jhabua district, where despite being illiterate, all the representatives of the panchayat have such an understanding of politics and development that they have been elected unopposed for the fourth time. The most important thing is that all the elected Panch and Sarpanch are women.

Where has been elected unopposed Panchayat

Parwat Panchayat of Jhabua district Ramila Bhuriya has become the Sarpanch for the fourth time in a row in Parvat Panchayat. He has been elected sarpanch unopposed. Ratani Bhuria, Jemati Bai, Varti Bai, Bapudi Bai Parmar, Kamati Ninama, Manga Bai Bhuria, Ramti Bai, Ditu Bai, Dalla Bai and Humi Bai Panch have been selected along with her. According to the villagers, the Panch and Sarpanch never saw the face of the school, but they have no match in development works. This is the reason why four times he has been given opportunity for development work. 

women take a pledge to learn signature

It is worth noting that the government has announced to give 15 lakh rupees for women elected unopposed in panchayat . It is being said that for this reason the villagers have unanimously elected women unopposed. It is said that only 3 women are able to sign the punch, the rest of the women put their thumbs. This time she vowed that she too would be literate and at least get the ability to sign. His vow is also being praised everywhere. Sarpanch Ramila Bhai’s husband Shankar Singh Bhuria has also contested the elections. Shankar Singh Bhuria’s second wife Geeta Bai Bhuria is also in the fray for Zilla Panchayat member this time.

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Punch and Sarpanch may not be literate but they are giving good education to their children. He says that in his time there used to be lack of school in the village but now his children are studying in school and college with full dedication. Apart from this, he also helps them with development works in their spare time.

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