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Imlie’s voiceover describes that her daughter Jr Imlie was alone without father and mother’s love and hence Meethi brought her to village for 10 years. She further describes how Jr Imlie returned to Rathore mansion after 10 years for further studies. Arpita and Sundar welcome Jr Imlie, but Narmada doesn’t. At school, Cheeni and other students bully her. Principal asks Narmada to shift Jr Imlie to some Hindi medium school. After 18 years, Imlie grows up to be a young woman with Sr Imlie’s qualities. She says her daughter shouldn’t feel lonely as her mother and father’s blessings are with her. Jr Imlie cries looking at her parent’s house. Sr Imlie’s voice encourages her to face her problems bravely and leave the rest on Seeta Maiya.

Imlie travels to Delhi in a vegetable truck. Truck stops abruptly due to traffic jam. She notices mob gathering and walks towards them to check where she notices a young rocstar performing on Battameez Dil.. song, blocking the road. She notices constables enjoy tea unperturbed by the block and warns them to clear the traffic or else she will call police. Constables drag the rockstar away. Imlie’s dupatta falls on his face. Mob surrounds him, and Imlie leaves. Bairi Piya… song plays in the background. Imlie stops her truck at a temple and walks in with poor kids. Poojari stops her seeing her poor dress and asks who is she. Imlie delivers heavy lengthy dialogues and introduces herself as Imlie. He asks why is she getting in with poor kids on temple on inauguration day. Imlie explains its called pran pratishtha/establishment of idol.

Panditji gets angry on her and asks her to leave with her poor kids as temple trustees must be coming any time. Imlie asks how do trustee look like. Panditji says they are well dressed, well spoken, and highly mannerful. Imlie leaves with her team and returns in cars. Panditji rushes to welcome guests, but stands shocked seeing Imlie and her team walking out of cars. Arpita joins them and explains Panditji that Imlie is the trustee and owner of this temple. Imlie says she is as simple and down to earth as her mother with just an improvement in her language. Arpita asks if they can start geting pran pratishtjha now. Imlie asks how can they without Cheeni didi. Cheeni is seeing getting ready for the concert. Rupali asks why is she wearing Imlie’s new kurti as usual. Cheeni asks her to relax as Imlie doesn’t mind. Rupali says that is because poor Imlie loves her.

Cheeni says Imlie can’t even speak or dress properly but gains all the sympathy just because Imlie Aryan and sr Imlie’s daughter, but she has to suffer as she is Manali’s daughter and has to prove herself all the time, she has to ask even for a simple kurti. She thinks how to escape visiting temple and reach concert. Rupali thinks its not just about kurti, its about a habit; Cheeni will not hesitate to take things from Imlie and Imlie will not hesitate to give as she is Sr Imlie’s daughter and Cheeni is Malini’s daughter. She prays god to prove her fear wrong and not repeat the history.

Kids at temple ask Imlie if they are waiting for Cheeni. Imlie says Cheeni is special and ask them to concuncate. Cheeni walks in with Sundar and Rupali and says its concentrate, asks why she always pronounces English wrong. Imlie says that is because she wants her elder sister to correct her. Sundar notices them and tells Rupali that chipklai/lizard Imlie would have been happy seeing her children bonding. Imlie says she looks good in this kurti. Cheeni says if she doesn’t like her snatching everything from her. Imlie says its her right. Sundar gives birthday gift to Imlie and wishes her happy birthday. Imlie feels happy seeing imlie/tamarind as birthday gift and asks about daadi/grandmother. Narmada enters wearing black sari and says she is not her grandmother. Arpita asks why did she wear black sari on Imlie’s birthday. Narmada says she came here for pran pratishtha and not to celebrate someone’s birthday. She shows her anger towards Imlie.

Precap: Cheeni takes Imlie to a concert.

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