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Rudra gives some moral gyaan to Imlie on relationships and asks Imlie to go and calm down Atharva. Imlie says its wrong that he trusts her and not her husband. Rudra says she should go and set the things right then. Imlie leaves, leaving Chini jealous. Devika walks to Atharva’s room and asks why did he return so soon, where is Imlie. Atharva says he doesn’t know. She asks what does he mean. Atharva thinks he can’t tell mom that he is angry on Imlie because of Chini, says Imlie didn’t book a table at a restaurant. Devika says he knows that Imlie is not get a desired respect and love from their family because of Chini’s interference and asks him to go and convince Imlie.

Atharva set ups a candle light table in his room and recalls his rude behavior with Imlie. Imlie walks in. Atharva apologizes her for misbehaving with her. Servants bring food. Imlie says she prepared his favorite food. She apologizes him for bringing Chini along for their dinner outing and says his allegation of her being desprate for a date is wrong. He says he can understand. She says she didn’t want decorate the restaurant, but Chini gave her so many suggestions and made her believe that its a dinner date. Atharva thinks if Chini wanted him to fight with Imlie.

Chini feels disheartened that she failed to create a misunderstanding between Atharva and Imlie and Atharva is slowly forgiving her. Atharva enters and asks if she made him fight with Imlie because of her insecurity, she created misunderstanding between him and Imlie and made him scold Imlie; she is really different as she says. Chini starts her emotional drama and says she decorated the hotel as she wanted to have dinner date with him and couldn’t go alone with him, he is scolding her instead of calming her down, he should go and calm down Imlie instead. Atharva apologizes her. He says people call their girlfriends as babu shona, but he calls her a liar and doesn’t even hug her. Atharva hugs her and says they need to be careful and not let others doubt them. Keya clicks their pics and thinks she will use them when the right time comes.

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