Imran Khan walks out of Pakistani Parliament, all party MPs will resign

boycott of the election process
Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan reached Parliament, but he left shortly after that. After this the rest of his supporting members also came out of Parliament. After coming out, he told that he is boycotting the election process. After this, now all the opposition members are present in the Parliament during the election of the new PM. Let us inform that many members of Imran’s party PTI have given their resignations, while the rest of the members are also resigning. Imran Khan himself gave this information. 

Shahbaz Sharif will become the new PM 
Let us tell you that voting will be held in the Pakistani Parliament for the election of the new Prime Minister. The opposition has jointly announced that Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz president Shahbaz Sharif will be their prime ministerial candidate. After which voting will now take place to make Sharif the PM. Since the opposition parties have a majority, Shahbaz Sharif can be the new Prime Minister of Pakistan. Just before becoming the PM, Sharif said that, we will not encourage vendetta politics at all, unnecessary action will not be taken against anyone. 

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