Imran Khan’s attack on the opposition, said – will teach them a lesson, their politics will be buried in the grave

Imran Khan said, "This time we will teach them a lesson. This country will not spare them. They will be taught a lesson. His politics will be buried in the grave….You all have to prepare for the elections. We have learned from our past mistakes. Now we will be careful about who we give tickets to."

Imran Khan again mentioned the foreign conspiracy and said, "A large-scale foreign conspiracy has been hatched in Pakistan. They tried to topple our government…These are the people whose money is kept abroad." They said, "You are a slave, not us, this is a free nation. We do not enslave anyone. Those who are selling their souls by getting PTI votes should not only face life ban but also jail."
Imran Khan said, "Those who conspired in the foreign country are all traitors….A living community stands. Will never let this conspiracy succeed.

Sanjay Raut gave a big statement on the action of ED, said – agency was threatened to topple the government

Modi government’s digital strike on those spreading false information, blocks 22 YouTube channels including four Pakistanis

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