In Beawar, BJP’s chairman was accused of corruption, the Department of Autonomous Government took this action

Rajasthan Politics: In the campaign run by the government in Rajasthan with the cities, it was costly to issue leases to Beawar Municipal Council Chairman Naresh Kanojia without a revised layout. The Autonomous Government Department has suspended Kanojia from the post of chairman for irregularities in issuing leases and corruption. Director and Joint Secretary of the department Hrdesh Kumar Sharma has issued this order on Friday.

Investigation conducted by the department before suspension
Before suspension, the department had sought clarification by giving notice under Section 39(1) of the Rajasthan Municipality Act 2099. Before giving notice to the chairman, a three-member committee headed by the regional deputy director of the department had investigated the lease case. In the investigation, the officials had held the chairman guilty. The state government has ordered a judicial inquiry against Kanojia under Section 39(3) of the Rajasthan Municipality Act 2009. The chairman  has been suspended due to the possibility of the investigation being affected.

Congress may have lottery
After suspension of Kanojia from the post of chairman, now Congress councilor will sit on this chair. Presently the post of Chairman is reserved for the Depressed Classes. In such a situation, currently six councilors are eligible for this post. All the councilors have come on active mode and are trying to become the chairman. It is believed that Govind Pandit or Ghanshyam Phulwari can become the chairman.

Trouble Friday for BJP
Friday proved to be troublesome for BJP leaders in Beawar. In the afternoon, MLA Shankar Singh Rawat’s car met with an accident in Jaipur. Shortly after this incident, the suspension order of Chairman Naresh Kanojia came.

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