In Guna, the female constable won the hearts of the people, in this way twenty Bhuji Mata was seen

Guna News: Tejaswini Dal’s female constable Nisha Sharma is being praised everywhere in Guna. The 90-year-old woman, who came to see Bees Bhuji Mata, was raised in her lap by a female constable. The 90-year-old elderly woman was unable to climb the stairs of the Beas Bhuji temple. On seeing Nisha Sharma, the female constable of Tejaswini Dal, posted in the security of the temple, immediately reached the elderly woman and took the woman up the stairs to the temple by lifting her in the dock. The lady constable left the elderly woman back after seeing her mother.

Tejaswini Dal’s female constable is being discussed


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The mother’s darshan by lifting the elderly woman in her lap

The female constable reached the temple by the stairs by lifting a 90-year-old old woman in her lap. After seeing the mother in the temple, the old lady was dropped back down. Everyone is appreciating the service of constable Nisha Sharma. The video of the service of the female constable is also going viral. The service of an elderly woman has become a topic of discussion among women constables. People praised the sensitivity of Guna Police. Under the guidance of Guna Superintendent of Police Rajiv Kumar Mishra, the police is committed to the safety of women.

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