In MP’s Dhar, the bullies did not allow the Dalit groom to climb the mare, the procession went out under police protection

MP News: Caste malpractice still continues in Madhya Pradesh. The roots of high and low are deeply entrenched. Even today Dalits are not getting equality and equal rights in the society. This is the reason that from time to time there are reports of sub-standard treatment of Dalits in villages. The latest case is of village Khandi Gaara under Kanwan police station of Dhar district. On Friday night, the oppressed found it exasperating for the Dalit groom to climb a horse. There was a preparation to take out a procession in the village by placing the Dalit groom on a mare. Dabangs got into dispute with Dalits. After all, the bullies did not allow the Dalit groom to ride the horse. 

Dalit groom’s procession took out under police protection

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Dabangs protest against horse climbing in village

Then the police was informed. By the time the police reached the spot, the domineering youth had become fuzzy. After this, the groom was again put on a mare in police custody and the wedding procession came out in the village. Police personnel were walking around the groom and in front of the procession. A police vehicle was also moving behind. The wedding procession came out in the shadow of the police in the village and the groom sat on the mare. The police took action after the marriage was concluded late in the night. TI Deepak Singh Chauhan told that a case has been registered against Dilip Singh, Singh, Gattu Singh, Nepal Singh, Dashrath Singh, all residents of Khandi Gara.

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