In Sitapur, the youth has been climbing a tree for 24 hours after the demand is not met, the police are trying to persuade

Sitapur News: The Yogi government is very serious about listening to the problems of common citizens and solving them. Even after organizing events like Jan Milan, Sampoorna Samadhan and Thana Diwas, when the situation did not seem to improve, the Chief Minister has started a new initiative by reaching out to the people in the mandals and districts through senior cabinet ministers to have a direct dialogue. Despite this, the extent to which the officers are being negligent in resolving the complaints, it can be seen in Sitapur district adjacent to the capital. Here a man, who has been doing Ganesh parikrama of the officers with his complaint for a long time, got so agitated by the neglect of the system that he has adopted a unique method to convey his point to the responsible.

Police Team is working hard
Actually, this person has sat on a tree. The only demand of this person sitting on the tree for more than twenty-four hours is that after hearing his complaint, the diagnosis should be made. This person, who made a net on the tree and set himself a seat, is now in the headlines due to his unique style. The team of fire brigade and police is trying hard to bring him down. But the person sitting on the tree is adamant on not getting down till his demand is met. This whole matter is of Hargaon area of ​​Sitapur. It is said that for the second time this person has climbed the tree. Efforts are on to bring down Santosh Mishra, who had been hiding on the tree for more than 24 hours.

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This is the case
The wife of the young man who climbed the tree says that 19 cows are tied at our house, they take care of the cows. It has become difficult to get out of the house and graze, the people of the village live with sticks in their hands, they say that your cow goes to our farm, but you ask anyone, the cow does not go to anyone’s field, which is here Blades are wired, many of our cows have died by cutting them, we have their photos too, you can see, the woman alleges that Shyamnarayan and Kamlesh Singh together took our place, cut the trees there and no money. Diya, the application has been given in the police station in the past, it is not being heard.

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