In the biggest hospital of MP, patients suffering from heat, AC and cooler are not running in ICU

Indore News: State’s largest hospital Maharaja Yashwant Rao Hospital, which is known for its medical as well as negligence. Many a times, great negligence has come to the fore. But this time in the summer season, the condition of ICU of MY is bad where AC installed for serious patients has been lying closed for a long time.

Hospital is facing serious allegations
People are being cheated in the name of ICU in MY, the biggest hospital of Madhya Pradesh. Where there is not enough arrangement like ventilator, oxygen in the ward during the treatment of serious patients. So in this period of summer, the arrangement of AC or cooler, fan is also being done by the relatives of the patients in this ward at their own expense. Making many such serious allegations, the victim has raised questions on the arrangements of Maharaja Yesvant Rao Hospital of Indore.

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God is relying on treatment
Yusuf Khan, a resident of Sugandha Nagar, Indore, told on Tuesday that his patient Femida B was admitted to MY in a road accident injured. Was. Where the doctor shifted him to the ICU after the operation due to severe head injuries.  Where the patient is being treated in the ICU since March 30. The victim told that the condition of the ICU here is that the oxygen pipeline in the ward is in a bad condition. So in the summer season of more than 35 degrees, there is no arrangement for coolers, fans and such in the ICU. In the biggest hospital of the state, the relatives of the patients have to install cooler fans by spending money from their own pockets.  The patients who are not financially capable, their treatment is going on here only on God’s trust. 

complaint on CM helpline number

Victim told the media that MY Hospital is admitted in ICU with more than half a dozen patients. The victim has complained to CM Helpline 181, Health Ministry, Indore District Administration, CMHO and all the concerned departments. At the same time, the manager of the hospital, Dr. PS Thakur, was also told the problem by the victim, but there is no satisfactory answer from there. The victim has appealed to the Shivraj government to pay attention to the problems being faced in the hospital and get the problem resolved soon.

Attention is not being given even after carelessness
At the same MY Assistant Superintendent Jitendra Verma said in the matter that all the arrangements including cooler fans in MY are sufficient. For some time there was some fault in the AC of the ICU ward, whose work is going on, if the complaint still comes, it will be shown. Let us tell you that this is not the first case of negligence in MY Hospital. Even before this, many big negligence have come to the fore."text-align: justify;">Read Also-

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