In which country it is mandatory for a man to marry twice, questions to be asked in UPSC interview

Question: In which country woman cannot stop her husband for second marriage
Answer: Eritrea is a country where it is mandatory for every man to marry twice . Here no woman can stop her husband from remarrying. There is a provision of severe punishment for doing so.
Question:Why do the British put Lord in front of their name? 
Answer- Lord is a committee era word which means The owner is the master. In England it is a word of honor so people use it.
Question:The country’s first Attorney General?
Answer- M.C. Setalvad.
Question: Why do lawyers always wear black colored coat?
Answer – Black colored coat shows discipline and confidence.
Question : What is the name of the first woman to go into space?
Answer – Valentina Tereshkova.
Question: What is such a thing of gold, which is not found in a goldsmith’s shop?
answer- bunk.
Question: Which is the bird that flies fast but cannot walk with legs?
answer:bat&nbsp ;
Question:Which is the first railway station of India?
Answer: The first railway station in India is Bori Bunder, which is today known as Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus.  

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