In winter, including fever and cough, treat these 5 minor problems at home.

Winter Tips: Cough-cold, sore throat and flu problems become common in cold weather. Some people try to get rid of these common problems at home, while others go to the doctor. In winter, we should take special care of food because a little carelessness can prove to be costly. Due to the weakness of the immunity system in winter, the risk of viral infection increases. Usually in every household, people get cough, cold, fever etc. during the winter season. Let us know how you can get rid of these common diseases at home.

Normal cold

The problem of cold is common in winter. Due to this, there is a problem of sore throat, chest tightness, headache etc. To avoid cold, eat home cooked food, take adequate rest and drink fluids. To increase immunity, consume warm things like basil tea, soup etc.

Sore throat 

Reason for sore throat It is very difficult to eat food. Sore throat is caused by bacterial infection. This problem is common in children. There is difficulty in swallowing food, headache, fever etc. To get rid of sore throat at home, you can drink hot water, soup etc. If you do not get relief from this, consult your doctor immediately.


Pneumonia is often complained of in children in winter. It is caused by a particular type of bacteria, the severity of which may be more or less. If the complaint of pneumonia is not serious in a person, then it can be treated at home. Otherwise, it is wise to go to the hospital in serious condition. To avoid pneumonia, exercise daily, include good food, seasonal vegetables and fruits in your diet. If you smoke then quit it immediately. Wash your hands thoroughly after using the washroom. 


Like a cold, a flu patient also has a headache, There is a problem of sore throat, fever etc. This is caused by a virus called influenza. To avoid this, wash your hands frequently in a clean manner. Cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze. If a person has cold then stay away from him. To boost your immunity, exercise daily and include energy-giving foods in your diet. 


The problem of bronchitis is often seen in children below the age of 2 years. It is a respiratory infection caused by RSV or respiratory syncytial virus. There is difficulty in breathing in bronchitis. Along with this, there is a problem of mild fever, cough, nasal congestion. To treat it at home, take maximum rest, keep the body hydrated and include nutrients in the food. 

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