Increase in the speed of data downloading in India, downloading was done at the speed of so many Mbps

Downloading Speed ​​Test: Internet testing firm Ookla presented the data of mobile download speed and fixed broadband median download speed in India on 22 November 2022. Ookla said that mobile download speeds and fixed broadband median download speeds reached 13-month highs in October. This has helped India move up the global rankings in both the metrics.

India has recorded the highest average mobile download speed (up from 13.87 Mbps in September to 16.50 Mbps) in the global ranking of average mobile download speed. The country was ranked 118th in September with 13.87 Mbps speed, and is now ranked 113th with 16.50 Mbps speed. According to Ookla data, mobile and fixed broadband download speeds in India registered a 13-month high rate in the month of October.

600Mbps average download speed of Reliance Jio

Reliance Jio has recorded around 600Mbps average download speed on its 5G network in Delhi, while India’s overall 5G speed has reached 500Mbps. Let us tell you that India started 5G services in October. And according to Ookla’s ‘Speedtest Intelligence’ report, telecom operators are testing their networks. Telecoms have seen 5G download speeds ranging from 16.27Mbps to 809.94Mbps.
Macau saw the biggest increase

According to the October Speed ​​Test Global Index, Macau has achieved the highest rank increase. The United Arab Emirates has been ranked 15th worldwide in the overall global average mobile speed. Montenegro recorded the largest increase in overall global average fixed speed. 

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