Increased risk of corona in Shanghai, China, food shortage amid strict lockdown

Covid-19 is taking serious form in Shanghai. A record 23,600 new cases were reported in the city on Saturday. At the same time, the US has allowed non-essential workers and their families to leave their consulate in the city. Meanwhile, Shanghai’s vice-mayor acknowledged the city’s shortcomings in its handling of the COVID-19 outbreak. 

Deputy Mayor Zong Ming praised the public’s support and front line despite public criticism of the strict restrictions. Praised the work of the workers, but said that there was a need to improve the handling of the virus.

‘A lot of our work has not been enough’
Zong said, " We all feel the same way about the problems raised by people. A lot of our work has not been enough and there is still a big gap between everyone’s expectations and our work. We will try our best to improve." For several days in Shanghai, with a population of about 26 million, people have to follow the restrictions related to Kovid-19 including lockdown. People have been screened extensively in Shanghai three times.

After the failure of Shanghai’s initial attempt to isolate the virus by imposing a phased lockdown, Beijing intervened and Emphasizing that the country sticks to its zero tolerance policy to keep its medical system strong.

Food shortage in the city 
Shanghai City Residents of Courier They are constantly complaining about the lack of food due to shortage and there is uncertainty about when the lockdown might end. The government said it would conduct more tests on Saturday and curb some movement. There  Zong said, "Epidemic prevention and control is now at its most critical moment, and we cannot afford the slightest lapse." Gu Jun, director of the city’s commerce commission, acknowledged problems with distributing food supplies and said distribution centers, supermarkets and pharmacies should continue to operate online as much as possible.

Online sales in minutes Products sold 
E-commerce company Inc. said on Saturday that it has obtained a license to deliver goods in Shanghai and hosted a livestreaming sales session, which attracted more than 3.5 million people connected. However, the offered products sold out within seconds, and the host repeatedly pleaded for patience with commenters who complained that they were unable to purchase.

USA for its citizens Issued advisory 
The United States State Department said in a travel advisory on Friday that it is asking non-emergency workers and their families to leave the Shanghai consulate due to the increase in cases and the impact of sanctions. giving permission. It gave American citizens "Due to arbitrary enforcement of local laws and COVID-19 restrictions" Advised to reconsider travel to China.

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