India expresses concern over humanitarian situation in Afghanistan, stresses on maintaining peace and stability

India-Afghanistan: India has expressed concern over the humanitarian situation in Afghanistan. Along with this, he has confirmed his unwavering commitment towards helping the people here. India says that it is very concerned about the humanitarian situation unfolding in Afghanistan. In response to the humanitarian needs of the Afghan people and in response to the urgent appeal made by the United Nations, India has sent several shipments of humanitarian aid to Afghanistan. 

‘India aims to make Afghanistan a self-reliant nation’

Counselor Madhu Sudan said that India’s development partnership in Afghanistan includes people-centric projects in all 34 provinces and aims to make the country a self-reliant nation. They said, "We also operationalized the Air Freight Corridor and Chabahar Port to enhance regional connectivity with Afghanistan. However, the pace of our projects has slowed down due to various reasons including change in political situation. 

Exposed concern over growing terror in Afghanistan

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