India said in the United Nations – tolerance is our character, said about double standards on religious fear

India TS Tirumurti in UN on Religiophobia: India has urged the United Nations to avoid adopting double standards on religiophobia. India has told the United Nations that there cannot be double standards on religious phobia and that combating it should not be a selective exercise involving just one or two religions, but non-Abrahamic religions. should be applied equally against. India’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations (UN) TS Tirumurti said that India has been the biggest victim of terrorism, especially cross-border terrorism.

‘There can be no double standards on religiophobia’

Condemnation of attack on Gurudwara in Kabul

trying to promote tolerance- Tirumurti

India’s representative TS Tirumurti said that we do our best to promote tolerance and inclusion. Any difference of opinion must be resolved within the legal framework. Referring to the anger shown by many Muslim countries over the remarks of two BJP leaders, he said, there is no need to show anger to India by making other countries a special issue.

#WATCH | Religiophobia should not be a selective exercise involving only 1 or 2 religions but should apply equally to phobias against non-Abrahamic religions as well… There cannot be double standards on religiophobia: TS Tirumurti, India’s Permanent Rep to UN
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— ANI (@ANI) June 19, 2022

What are the forms of religiophobia?

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