Indian Spy In Pakistan: A forgotten spy, who attacked his homeland for 14 years of his life.

Story Of A Forgotten Indian Spy: It was the spirit of patriotism that took young Mahmood Ansari to leave his job in the postal department to spy in Pakistan. Due to his devotion, he got the lesson that he had to fight a legal battle for his rights in his own country. When Ansari reached India after being released from Pakistan jail after 14 years, the government and his own postal department sidelined him. This detective engaged in the service of the country finally had to file a petition in the court to get his right. However, in this case, the Supreme Court appeared as a messiah for him. The court has asked the central government to give an ex-gratia of Rs 10 lakh to him in view of the strange circumstances.

what was in the detective’s plea

what the Supreme Court said

law officer also denied

Mahmood Ansari was also rejected by the ASG. The ASG argued that Ansari was sacked between 1976 and 1980 for being absent without informing. Banerjee said the Ansari KS were letters written from a Pakistan prison to officials in India, raising doubts over his conduct. The court asked the ASG to show the documents that Ansari was at his workplace in Jaipur at the time. He had claimed that he had gone to Pakistan for an assignment. The government could not present these documents before the court. 

 why take 4 years to terminate

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