Indore: High Voltage Drama! The woman climbed on the tank by putting a noose, after hard work, the police brought her down

MP News: There was panic in Indore when a woman in Lasudia climbed a tank and threatened to commit suicide by hanging. When the police came to know that a woman was threatening to commit suicide by climbing up on the water tank, the police immediately swung into action. The police brought down the woman with immediate alertness and tact.

dispute regarding property with Jeth 
Actually the incident happened at around 12 noon on Friday. The police had received information that a 40-year-old woman living in Sukhlia area of ​​Hiranagar climbed the water tank near Nakshatra Garden. It is being told that the woman’s husband has died a long time ago and she is having a dispute with the brother-in-law regarding the property. In this case, application was made in the police station a year ago. But no one is listening to him. That’s why he took this step. It is said that the woman’s brother-in-law is a BJP leader, under whose pressure the police is not taking action. Jeth currently has the claim of councilor as well.

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husband’s death
Heera Nagar police station in-charge Santosh Dudhi told that the woman’s name is Kushwinder Kaur, they have a family property dispute. Which has been going on since the death of her husband. The application has been made by the woman in the name of the people of her in-laws’ side. The woman wants action to be taken as soon as possible, due to which she took this step. The woman has been assured of early investigation and action.

after effort and persuasion, came down
On the lines of Sholay film, the woman climbed on the water tank with the intention of committing suicide by putting a noose around her neck due to family dispute. However, in the film, Veeru comes down from the tank by obeying the villagers. But this woman stood there. After a lot of effort and persuasion, somehow the Lasudia police brought him down. After which the police breathed a sigh of relief.

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