Indore News: Retail traders took to the streets against the Municipal Corporation, did a unique demonstration with the children

MP News: Many works are being done in the name of smart city in the country’s cleanest city Indore. Because of that, the traders trading in fruits on the roads were removed and allotted to them at another place, but the Municipal Corporation is facing opposition from the retail traders. Retail traders came out on the streets and protested against this work done by the corporation and a unique demonstration was held against the corporation. Traders, who make a living by selling fruits on the streets at Patnipura intersection in Indore, staged a unique protest on Thursday along with their children by putting placards against the corporation on their handcart.

What do traders have to say?

Trader Mukesh Thakur says that he should be allowed to do business at the same place where his three books have been doing business. Because no customer comes to buy at the place where the government has given them a place to set up a hawker. Because of this his business has been badly affected. This is the reason why today he has a debt of thousands of rupees. Because of which it has become difficult to maintain the family. On the other hand, the businessman says that he is not even able to pay the school fees of the children, due to which the children are not able to go to school.

It is noteworthy that in the economic capital of Madhya Pradesh, Indore, where on the one hand night culture has been started to increase the business. On the other hand, in the name of Smart City, the administration has provided space to small and marginal street vendors in such a place where their business has become completely bad. This is the reason why traders who sell fruits and vegetables by setting up street vendors have opened a front against the government and lodged a protest.

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