Indore: Two innocent people were sleeping in the hut, the aunt started the fire, both died due to burning alive

Indore News: In Indore, an incident that broke human relationships has been exposed. The police has arrested the aunt for the murder of two innocent people. The incident is of Prakash Nagar behind Choithram vegetable market of Rajendra Nagar police station area. Six-year-old Muskan and four-year-old younger sister Nandu alias Nandani had died in two huts on Monday night. Revealing the incident, Rajendra Nagar police arrested the daughter’s aunt Barkha.

accused of burning two nieces alive

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angry aunt set fire to brother’s hut  

Due to a quarrel with Lotus, his love affair with Vinay started going on. For some time, brother had come to stay with Sunil. On Monday evening, when Kamal saw him talking to Vinay, there was an altercation between the two. After Vinay and Kamal left, Barkha angrily set fire to brother Sunil’s hut. Both the innocent girls sleeping in the hut were burnt alive after being caught in the fire. The cattle tied in the hut were also burnt to ashes. At present, the police is interrogating the accused aunt Barkha and husband Mangal Bheem in custody.

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