Interesting Facts: What is the meaning of terminus, junction and central? Why this name is written behind the railway station

Railway Station Interesting Facts: More than half of India’s population uses trains for travel. Indian Railways is spread from north to south and east to west, which takes passengers to their destination. There are many small and big railway stations in our country, where these trains reach. But while traveling by train, have you ever noticed why junction, central and terminus are written behind the names of railway stations? If not, then let us tell you today why these words are used behind the name of the station.

Why Junction is written behind the name of the station

While traveling by train, you must have seen junction written at many places? This means that there is more than 1 way for the train to arrive at this station. That is, the train coming to this station can come or go through two routes.

What is the meaning of Central

Mumbai Central Or Lucknow Central You must have seen the names of many such stations after which Central is written. This means that there is more than one railway station in that city and that central station is the oldest railway station in the city. It is one of the busiest railway stations of the city. There are a total of 5 Central Railway Stations in our country.

What is the meaning of Terminal or Terminus

Terminus or Terminal is written after the name of many stations. Is. It means that there is no railway track in front of that station. It means that station will be the last station for that place. After this the train returns back on the same route. There are a total of 27 such stations in India which are terminals or terminus.

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