International Family Day 2022: Family Day is being celebrated today, know the history behind celebrating this special day

International Family Day 2022: Family is the biggest pillar of the life of all of us. The love of our parents, wife, husband, children, brother, sister in the family gives us the strength to fight against every difficulty in life. Every relationship has great importance in our life. Whether we are rich or poor family plays the most important role in the life of all of us. In such a situation, in view of the importance of family in life, World Family Day i.e. International Family Day 2022 is celebrated. This day is celebrated every year on 15th May.

History behind celebrating International Family Day
Family Day is celebrated every year on 15th May. For the first time this day was celebrated in 1994 but the foundation for celebrating it was laid only in 1989. On 9 December 1989, the United Nations General Assembly proposed to celebrate International Family Day to understand the importance of family. This motion passed. But, the proposal to celebrate International Family Day from the UN General Assembly was passed in 1993. In such a situation, International Family Day was celebrated on 15 May 1994. Since then every year this day is celebrated as International Family Day. On this day people are explained about the importance of family and their needs.

Importance of International Family Day
The idea behind celebrating this day is that despite being apart, there is unity in the family. People in the family show solidarity and love even after getting angry with each other. Being a family we never feel lonely.

Theme of International Family 2022 (International Family Day 2022 Theme)
The theme of International Family 2022 is ‘Family and Urbanisation’. This means how to find time for your family in the midst of this increasing urbanization. In the midst of this busy lifestyle, we must take out time for our family. 

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