iPhone 14 Pro’s new Dynamic Island feature works with these apps

iPhone 14 Pro Feature: Apple has recently introduced its new iPhone 14 series. Of these, the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max have been introduced with the Dynamic Island feature. Actually, Apple has named the notch that comes with the pill shape (tablet) hole punch cutout as the Dynamic Island feature. This notch gets bigger or smaller according to the notification.

Face ID

Dynamic Island works when the phone is unlocked with Face ID in the iPhone. It shows as a notification in the pill cutout even after downloading a new app from the App Store on the iPhone and paying with Apple Pay or any other payment app. 

Incoming Call

Dynamic Island feature of iPhone also works with incoming calls. Calls can also be picked up and rejected with the help of Dynamic Island. 

Connecting Accessories

When connecting AirPods to iPhone, it appears in the pill cutout island. Along with the connecting status, it also shows the battery status. 


When the iPhone is connected to the charger, the charging status appears in the cutout island. Plus, the island also displays the current battery status. 


If you receive a file on AirDrop, you can view it in Dynamic Island. Also, you can see its full details by tapping the island. 

Silent Mode

When you use the Alerts slider to turn on Ringer Mode or Silent Mode on the iPhone, you’ll see notification pop-ups in an island animation at the top of the screen.

Focus Mode

When your iPhone is on in focus mode, its notification appears in Animation Dynamic Island. Afterwards this icon disappears.  

Furthermore, Dynamic Island also shows different animations during iPhone’s ongoing activity such as calling, timer, Apple Map, Google Map, voice memos, screen recording, camera or mic indicator. Voice waves are also visible in animation during calling.

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