IPS Success Story: IPS was chosen because I was fond of uniform, a newspaper had raised hopes of Jai Yadav

UPSC IPS Success: UPSC Exam is said to be the toughest and best exam in the country. Most of the candidates are not able to pass in this exam. Some candidates are already passed in the attempt. We are going to tell you the story of such an IPS officer who took the UPSC exam thrice and became an IPS and is serving in the Indian Police Service today.

IPS Jai Yadav of 2012 batch is currently working on the post of Bundi SP (SP Boondi) and has been commanding the district for the last 9 months. In IPS Success Story, IPS is telling the story of Jai Yadav because he was fond of wearing uniforms and from that he decided to become an IPS and became an IPS. There were small posts in the family in the police, who used to share their duty with those who raised their hopes.

There were policemen in the family, who raised hopes
IPS Jai Yadav is an IPS of the 2012 batch. He told behind his success story that his maternal grandfather, uncle, uncle have been from the rank of constable to ASI in Delhi Police. He told that when I was young, I used to watch them and they used to tell me about my day to day activities. The names of ACP-DCP officers were often heard in front of him. When I used to ask him about these, he would say  Whenever I want to join the police, IPS should stay in high positions.

IPS Jai Yadav says that there were police officers in his family only in small positions. In such a situation, he also made a goal that he would become an officer in the police in high positions. When we asked IPS Jai Yadav why he chose IPS only. He also had the ISS. He told that he was fond of wearing uniforms since childhood and uniform was everything even in the job. In such a situation, he heard the IPS section and decided to become an IPS.

Three times exam
IPS Jai Yadav is a resident of Haryana. In the year 2012, he first gave the exam of IFS i.e. Indian Forest Service. In the same year he gave the IPS exam. The result of IPS came later, before that he became IFS. Where he worked in IFS for 9 months. After the result, he was selected as IPS.

Knowledge of Syllabus is necessary
IPS Jay Yadav told that before giving any exam it is necessary to have knowledge of syllabus. Along with this, it is necessary to study the papers of the last 10 years, so that the examination can be found out. IPS Jai Yadav said that this is what I did in my exam. Know the syllabus of the exam and keep 10 years old papers and study them.

IPS Yadav explains that for the first time in the Civil Services Examination, those people are lucky who pass in 3rd part. Most of the people fail. His purpose was to say that all this service is a service with responsibility. In such a situation, your courage is known when you fail."text-align: justify;">Mission cleared from the newspaper
IPS Jai Yadav told that the aspirants who are thinking of becoming IAS-IPS have this misconception that it will be a very difficult paper, how will it be, I will not pass There are many reasons including could. IPS Jai Yadav said that he too was worried amidst many such questions, how will he pass the exam.

increases challenge
IPS Yadav said in a conversation with ABP News that after becoming an IPS, the challenges increase. How the next day will be is important. Sometimes such a situation comes that the pressure increases but courage only increases the hope of fighting the situation.

Two rapists hanged
IPS Yadav told that he has lived in SSP Beawar, Ganganagar, Kota ACB after training in 2013. He has also been the ADC Governor Rajasthan. Similarly, Sirohi, Dungarpur, RAC Kota of Rajasthan have been SPs. He told that after being posted in Bundi district, a minor was raped and killed by the poor in Bundi. We caught two accused by doing excellent policing and in 125 days by presenting his challan, got both the accused hanged together. Similarly, in Bundi, SP Jai Yadav also launched Operation Samata to end the incidents of elopement and horse-riding with Dalits, which became popular in Rajasthan.

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