Iran: Security forces firing on protesters in metro, one killed

Iran Hijab Protest Viral Video: The ruckus that started after the death of Mahsa Amini is not taking the name of stopping in Iran. It has been almost three months since the protests. At the same time, now the situation is getting worse and worse. Iranian security forces on Wednesday (16 November) opened fire on people protesting against the hijab at a metro station in the capital Tehran. Protesters were seen setting scarves on fire at metro stations amid slogans against the regime.

A video showed people running for exits as police officers opened fire on the crowded stage. Officers have also been seen inside a train beating women with sticks. Along with this, people have also been seen falling and being trampled in the video footage.

Iran’s security forces repeatedly fire into a crowd of protesters at a Tehran metro station today.

Tehran’s residents have been frequently chanting slogans against the regime in the city’s metro stations during the protests.

— Shayan Sardarizadeh (@Shayan86) November 15, 2022

One killed in firing

According to media reports, security forces opened fire on protesters in Shiraz, in which one person died. In other towns, protesters clashed with pro-government Basij militia fighters, leading to street standoffs. Meanwhile, another video emerged showing women as well as men throwing stones at regime gunmen in Iqlid, a city of about 90,000 in southwestern Iran.

Iran’s security forces and plainclothes officers violently attack and beat up protesters on board a Tehran metro train on Tuesday, a day of mass protests across the country (contains swearing).

— Shayan Sardarizadeh (@Shayan86) November 16, 2022

300 people killed, 15 thousand arrested

According to Oslo-based group Iran Human Rights (IHR), more than 300 people have been killed in the two-month protests. The group says 15,000 people have been arrested. However, Iranian officials have denied this figure. Meanwhile, an Iranian court has sentenced a protester to death for “conspiracy to set fire to a government building, disturb public order and commit crimes against national security”. 

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