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Hii guys…

This is going to be my first ff. I’m very nervous that would u like the story or not.

story of Riansh. Starts from when Vansh enter as Vihan here he exposes Riddhima in front of the family. And she left VR Manison. Now she lives in Delhi with her son and daughter

New character:-

Bansal family of Riddhima

Priyanka Bansal (Pihu) – younger sister

Raj Bansal (Raj) – father

Nandini Bansal (Nandu)-mother

Raghav Bansal (Raghav) – younger brother

Ayan & Ananya – son & daughter of Riddhima

Riddhima left her family becoz of some reasons ll be revealed in the story.

Rai Singhania are same as show. But here Aryan has a real young sis Shewta.

Ishani and Angre s daughter Sakshi.

Let’s start the story

In Delhi

Early morning a young lady is shown doing prayer. She is Riddhima. She goes in kitchen and starts preparing breakfast. Alarm rings.

Riddhima:- Now I hv go to and make them ready for their school.

She goes to her kids room. Both are sleeping. Riddhima goes near his son and said: Good morning bacha now wake up.

Ayan: Mumma 5 mins more pls

Riddhima: Princess pls get up

Ananya ; hmm

Riddhima pulls their blankets now get up I hv to go to hospital even .

That’s it for today. .

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