Israeli female soldier made sex slave in jail, Palestinian prisoner raped

Rape Cases in Israel: Israeli Prime Minister Yair Lapid on Sunday raped a former Israeli female soldier in the country’s safest prison. Ordered an inquiry into the matter of leaving. Apart from being allegedly raped with a female security guard in jail, she was also forced to become a sex slave. According to media reports, the woman alleged that a Palestinian prisoner raped her. The woman also alleged that her superiors forced her to become a sex slave. 

There have been reports in the Israeli media for years that women security personnel in Gilboa prison have been raped by prisoners. Last September, when six Palestinian prisoners escaped from prison, the security of the prison was changed. The prisoners had escaped by tunneling through the drains of their prisons. This incident made headlines around the world. 

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Victim narrated her ordeal through online post

Last week a former female security guard of Gilboa narrated her ordeal through an online post. In the post, she told that she was repeatedly raped by a Palestinian prisoner. In the post, the woman wrote that her superiors had handed her over to be a private sex slave of a Palestinian prisoner. The woman wrote, “I didn’t want me to be raped again and again.”

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