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Atul asks Mayank to steal CCTV footage from Paragi’s room as his job is at stake. Mayank says Paragi is on leave and not yet suspended, she can sack him even today. Shiva asks Atul next. Atul says he doesn’t have any problem, but Shiva is expert in walking silently, so she should go and bring the footage out. Shiva says she tarnished Paragi’s name after taking a big risk and will not give up so easily even if she has to risk her life. Atul praises her and promises to keep her favorite chat when she returns with footage.

Paragi finds someone in her room and tries to hit the person. Sanjay says its him. Paragi switches on light and asks what is he doing at here at this time. Sanjay says girl’s family is coming to meet him tomorrow. She gets jealous. He says he will not accept this alliance and will reject Tia. She gets more jealous. Their nok jhok starts. Theythrow pillow on each other. He then falls on bed with her and draws bedsheet over them and gets romantic.

Baby informs Pramod that Sushma has hired a private detective to spy on Tia. Pramod says Sushma has also started thinking being with Paragi. Baby says if Tia’s drug abuse secret will be out, they will be in trouble. Pramod says Tia is the only daughter of a rich businessman who can offer them huge dowry, he will handle private detective and hopes Sanjay’s divorce happens soon.

Sanjay tells Paragi that he is habituated to her. Paragi says now Tia entered their life to trouble. He laughs. Shiva thinks Paragi must have slept by now, so its the best time to steal the footage. Sanjay continues to make Paragi jealous and then hugs her expressing his love for her. Shiva opens door and finds Paragi sleeping with packet next to her. Shiva thinks thee must be some solid proof in it and tries to pick it. Paragi holds her hand and thanks god that Sanjay left beforehand. She pulls Shiva down and asks what was she stealing from her room. Shiva says they were playing a game, so she came to call her.

Paragi loudly warns her to stop lying. Atul and Mayank get afraid hearing Paragi’s voice. Chanda walks out of her room and asks Mayank why didn’t he go yet. Mayank says he was waiting for Kinkar. She asks if he heard a sound. He denies. Paragi shouts at Shiva and brings her down. Paragi hides behind Atul and says his sister is wrongly alleging her. Chanda asks what happened. Paragi says Shiva will explain. Shiva says she was worried for Paragi and went to her room to cheer her up. Chanda asks her to stop lying. Paragi reveals that Shiva was trying to steal the envelope which has footage of the culprit who drugged her coffee. Chanda asks why Shiva wants to steal this footage. Paragi says footage has Mayank in it. Mayank stands tensed hearing that.

Sanjay returns to his room and finds Sushma there. He expresses his anxiety regarding the new alliance. Sushma says when he is confused, he should leave it on family; his chachu and chachi are working hard to set his future, he should respect their words and meet the girl once. He agrees. She wishes him good night and leaves. He gets tensed thinking Sushma’s reaction.

Paragi asks Mayank if he thought he would escape after doing a crime. Mayank reveals that he acted on Shiva and Atul’s request and helped Baby who bribed him to trap Paragi. Shiva reveals that Mayank wants to take revenge from Paragi. Mayank counter alleges her. Chanda says now she realized that Shiva did shopping on Baby’s money and tongue lashes Atul for mud slinging his sister. Atul says he came to know only after the news was out. Paragi says he supported Mayank and should get ready to go to jail. They all 3 get tensed hearing that.

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