Jabalpur: ‘Administrators are not needed in medical colleges’, doctors oppose government’s decision

MP News: Doctors of 13 medical colleges in Madhya Pradesh are angry with a government decision. They protested collectively today on Tuesday. The state government is going to make administrative appointments in all medical colleges. Doctors are angry with the government’s decision. Let us tell you that the Madhya Pradesh government has taken a policy decision related to the appointment in the medical college.

Doctors were seen on the streets today protesting against administrative appointments in all medical colleges. In all the medical colleges including Jabalpur, doctors shouted slogans by tying black bands. The protest was done under the banner of Medical Teachers Association. According to doctors, it is not appropriate to make administrative appointments in medical colleges.

Administrator should not be appointed in medical colleges

They believe that an administrator will not understand the medical work style and there may be problems in the work of doctors. Their demand is that the government can create an IMS (Indian Medical Service) cadre on the lines of IAS or IPS and appoint MBBS doctors to administrative posts. Doctors cannot tolerate bureaucracy in medical colleges.

At present, all the doctors have lodged a protest while doing a symbolic strike and have warned that if the decision is not withdrawn, an indefinite strike can be done in the coming days. The doctors of the medical college sat on dharna in front of the dean’s office for two hours in the morning.

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Impact of doctors’ symbolic strike on OPD service 

The symbolic strike of the doctors affected the OPD service. OPD service was disrupted for two hours. Dr. Geeta Guin, Dean of Jabalpur Medical College, said that the teachers’ association has submitted a memorandum. Apprehension has been expressed in the memorandum that the government is going to appoint administrators in all medical colleges. The government is going to bring the proposal related to the appointment in the next session of the assembly. The government should also listen to the side of the doctors before taking policy decisions.

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