Jabalpur News: Father got divorce from mother on the testimony of daughters, both were living separately for 26 years

MP News: In Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh, the father got divorce from his wife on the testimony of the daughters. Here, the court of Chief Justice Mamta Jain of the Kutumb Court accepted the divorce application made by the father on the basis of the testimony of the daughters. Although the woman presented several arguments in the court to strengthen her case, the testimony of the daughters made it clear that all the allegations leveled against the father were baseless. Jabalpur resident Munnalal married Asha Bai on March 12, 1980 according to Hindu customs. After this, four daughters and a son were born to him. He has been living separately since 1996 due to a dispute with his wife Asha Bai. Meanwhile, the applicant Munnalal got all his children married.

Left home without informing

According to the applicant Munnalal, Asha Bai’s behavior was good for 10-12 years of marriage, but after that she started arguing and quarreling on small things. He didn’t even take care of the children. She did not agree even after Munnalal’s persuasion. The applicant told the court that on March 28, 1996, she left the house without informing.

First husband thought that she must have gone to her maternal home, but when she was not found even after searching, Munnalal lodged a complaint with the police. About a month later, it was found that she was living with a person named Bhupat in Ranjhi. Munnalal asked her to go home but Asha Bai said that she has remarried Bhupat and now she will stay with him. The five children also pleaded with the mother but her heart did not budge.

Wife’s side in court

Anavedika Asha Bai also said in the court that Munnalal has made false allegations against her. She had not left the house, but Munnalal had brought a woman named Devaki Bai to the house and evicted her. He has committed a punishable offense by remarrying Devaki without divorcing his first wife. He was told by the court that the two children whom he is giving information about being born from another husband, are not his. Against the allegation of Anavedika Asha Bai, the applicant showed the documents of the school in the court, which strengthened his stand. It is clear from this that Asha Bai is not telling the truth. The testimony of the daughters born from her womb also went against her and in favor of the father.

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