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Jagannath Aur Purvi Ki Dosti Anokhi 11th April 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Isha and Kashi arguing. Jagannath calms them down. He says you didn’t lose and Kashi didn’t win, tell me the answer of this riddle. He tells the riddle. Kashi says road, I know. Jagannath says wrong. Isha says I know, bedroom. Kashi says no, I know, house. They hear Purvi laughing. Jagannath smiles. He says not a house, home, anyone can make a house, but where one finds a peace, its called a home. Kashi says yes. Jagannath says my mum’s home will be good when we hear family’s laughter, I have one wish now, when I leave then I go from this house. Alok gets his friend Keval’s house. He says dad won’t agree, its ancestral house. Keval says you just go away to US. Alok says give me time. Keval says don’t fight uncle, else he won’t agree, keep him happy and explain. Alok remembers meeting Tripathi.

Keval asks for Alok’s loan. Tripathi asks for a guarantee. He asks Alok to keep the house as collateral. He says get the house papers, then I will think if I find it right. Jagannath thinks of his words.

Isha and Purvi say they love Jagannath a lot. They laugh. Kashi comes and asks what’s happening. Isha asks the riddle. Kashi says friend. Purvi says you are smart, you didn’t give medicines to Jagannath. Isha says you give it to him today, you are my friend, you can do this. Purvi says fine, I will give it, don’t tell me if Deepa gets upset. Isha says she needs an excuse to get upset. Kashi says thanks for befriending Purvi. Isha says anything for you. Alok asks for house papers. Kusum asks why do you need. He says I will scan imp papers and store it in the computer. Deepa asks what happened. Kusum says he is asking for house papers, I don’t understand all this, Jagannath keeps all the documents. She goes. Alok enters Jagannath’s room and looks for papers. He asks Baby to do her work. Jagannath comes and says Alok, what are you doing with my files.

Alok lies and tells that he will pay the bills online. Jagannath says I keep everything safely. He shows the house papers. He says all these are really imp. Baby comes and gives keys. Jagannath says give it to Alok. He asks Alok to open the drawer. He asks him to take the bills. He gives the documents and asks him to keep it in the drawer. Alok gets the house papers. Jagannath says keep these files also, lock it and give me the keys. Alok takes the house papers. He gives the keys to him and goes.

Baby says you don’t need to stand in queue to pay the bill. Jagannath says yes, sometimes children turn out to be good also. Alok takes the papers and checks. Deepa says you got the papers by stealing. Alok says its ours also, I will digitize the papers, give me the papers. She says no, you know mum and dad have just one house, they are attached to this house, I also have a share in this, even Isha has a share. He takes the papers from her.

Alok shows the house to the surveyors. Jagannath, Kusum and Deepa come home. They get shocked.

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