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Jagannath Aur Purvi Ki Dosti Anokhi 5th April 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Jagannath and Kusum talking about Deepa. He takes Deepa’s side. He says I was thinking….Kusum asks him to say. She says Alok did a good thing today, I felt good, at least he thinks for us, he paid off my debt, I was so indebted to Purvi. Kusum says we felt our children are selfish, but they are good. Alok says they are our parents, why would anyone else do this for them, dad would have felt so guilty, that girl isn’t going. Deepa asks where will she go, she has no place. Alok says I sympathize with her, but what can I do, Purvi ended their loneliness, now we have come, we will dissolve their emotional dependency. Deepa nods. Purvi and Isha work out. Isha increases the music volume. Purvi says sorry, I had to decrease the music, Jagannath gets disturbed. She sees the time and goes saying its time for his medicines. Deepa comes and says you don’t need to do all this. Purvi says its okay, I can handle this. Deepa says you get free of this, Isha, go to your Nana and Nani. Isha says no, I have to go with Kashi. Deepa insists her to go. She goes. Isha says you ran away from the house, that’s cool, sorry, you also had a break up, why aren’t you going back, are you frustrated with your parents, awesome.

Kusum does aarti. Alok says Purvi should go back. She says her parents are worst. He says her parents will forgive her. she says this can’t happen. He asks why. Jagannath gets a cut while shaving and asks for ice. Kusum asks Baby to get ice. Deepa gets the ice. She says I will apply him the ice. Alok also cares for him. He shows the trimmer and says use this, it won’t get you a cut. Jagannath says I m happy with shaving. Alok shows the smart watch. He says now you don’t need to take dad to hospital often. Kusum says you are so caring. Deepa says you didn’t say who asked you to get this. He says yes, it was Deepa’s idea. Jagannath says I don’t want the watch. Kusum says its good. He says you wear it. She says yes, I will wear it when I feel stress. She wears the smart watch. He goes to Purvi and asks office. She nods. He says you forgot my medicines. Isha comes with the medicines and hugs Jagannath. She says mum explained me everything, its my responsibility now. He laughs and says you have to wake up early at 6am. Isha says I will wake up. Purvi sees them happy. She cries and leaves.

Purvi meets Kashi. She says uncle and aunty are so happy, they got busy, they don’t need me now, Kashi, in fact, no one needs me now, right. Kashi gets sad. She asks why are you silent. He says no, I m happy, but I didn’t like one thing, why did you say that they don’t need you, I need you, see you have to make many calls. She gets busy on calls. Deepa calls Kashi. He asks how can I serve you. She says you are Amma’s fav, I have a request. He asks what happened, command me. She says make Purvi have dinner there, I have to talk something personal with mum and dad, I can’t talk in front of Purvi. Kashi says I understand, don’t worry.

Alok and Deepa ask Purvi to go back to her parents. Jagannath says I knew it that you will do this.

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