Jaggery mehndi will be made very deep in just 5 minutes, in this way make natural mehndi at home

Jaggery Mehndi: Mehndi is also included in the sixteen makeup of women. Be it any festival, women definitely apply mehndi on their hands. Mehndi on hands not only enhances the beauty of a woman but it is also considered auspicious. The color of mehndi blooms completely on the palms of some women, but the color of mehndi of some women remains yellow. If you want that your hands also have a deep color of henna, then you can apply natural henna made of jaggery. It takes only 5 minutes to apply henna made from jaggery. It dries quickly and the color rises in such a way that even the color of a good amount of henna seems to fade before it. Jaggery Mehndi looks very beautiful. With this you can easily create any design. The color of jaggery henna remains on the hands for a long time. You can easily make it at home. Know how to make Natural Mehndi with Jaggery.

Materials for making Mehndi from Jaggery

  • 100 gm jaggery pieces
  • 2 tsp henna powder
  • 1 tsp Roli kumkum or vermilion
  • 30 g clove
  • 50 grams of sugar"text-align: justify;">How to make Mehndi with Jaggery 

    1- To make henna from jaggery, if you want, grind jaggery or use it in small pieces like this. 
    2- Now put jaggery in a tin box and put a little in the middle. Make a place and put cloves and sugar.
    3- Now place an earthen lamp or small bowl on top of the sugar and cloves. If you want, you can set the bowl with the help of wet flour. 
    4- Put roli or kumkum in this bowl and put the tin box on the gas.
    5- Now the box is ready. Place a pot or other vessel full of water on top and cover it with flour from all sides so that steam does not escape. 
    6- After a while the box will start heating up and steam will start coming out. You have to keep it like this for about half an hour, after which the steam will become water and collect in the bowl kept inside.
    7- Now remove the top water pot with ease and you will see that you have kept the bowl inside. Water has collected. Now add mehndi to it. 
    8- Your henna made from jaggery is ready. You can easily apply it on hands or feet. 
    9- If you want, you can also use this henna without adding green henna powder.
    10- The color of jaggery henna is very dark. climbs and can be applied anywhere on the hands or feet.

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