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Kans orders Dhenuk to kill Krishna during Ramleela and gives him a poisonous arrow. Dhenuk accepts arrow and assures him to kill Kanha. Next morning, Vrinda wakes up all villagers saying it’s her swayamvar in Ramleela and they should visit soon. Balram wakes up yawning and asks who is shouting early morning. Yashoda says its Seeta’s swayamvar and not hers. Vrinda says she is enacting Seeta and hence its her swayamvar. Nand brings Shiv dhanush/bow for Rameela. Yashoda says it must be very heavy. Kids laughs on Vrinda and say who will marry her. Vrinda says she will not marry neither of them even if they lift the bow. Nand asks Yashoda to lift the bow. She lifts it and is surprised to find it very light and asks how did he make it. Kanha gets cotton out of the bow. Nand says he used cotton on a light weight wood. Yashoda praises his skills.

Kanha tells Balram its an easy task for him. Balram says Nand doesn’t know about it. Nand asks how did he plan such a mesmerizing Ramleela. Balram says it’s a secret. Nand asks who is enacting Ravan today. Dhenuk enters and says he is enacting Ravan. Nand asks him to practice the drama. Dhenuk says he knows everything. Kanha informs Balram that Kans has given a poison arrow to Dhenuk, but Dhenuk doesn’t know what is in store for him.

Ramleela starts. Rohini describes the story. Vrinda enacts Seeta. Kids enact different princes and kings and act as failing to lift Shiv dhanush/bow. Dhenuk comes next enacting as Ravan, picks a poisonous arrow, and thinks he will act like other princes and kings and then will lift bow and kill Kanha. He tries his best to lift the bow, but fails. Kids laugh. Nand says he is surprised to see Dhenuk acting so good. Kanha thinks Dhenuk cannot lift the bow and asks Mahadev if he is right. Devi Parvathi recalls Mahadev changing the bow. Kanha thanks Mahadev.

Dhenuk thinks how is it possible that he canot lift the arrow. Rohini asks him to stop and let the drama continue. Dhenuk’s hand gets trapped under the bow and he pleads for help. Bow then falls on Dhenuk. Kanha goes and lifts the bow easily. Everyone rejoice seeing that while Dhenuk is shocked. Kanha then breaks the bow and looks at arrow. Dhenuk gets tensed thinking if Kanha will attack him with the arrow. Kanha runs behind Dhenuk, and Dhenuk runs afraid. Everyone enjoy the drama. Kanha then breaks the arrow and throws it on Dhenuk. Dhenuk sits in shock.

Precap: Rohini describes next chapter of Ramleela where Ram meets Hanuman.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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