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The Episode starts with Kans calling Kaliya. Kanha says time has not come for you to meet Kaliya. Eagle is coming there and makes sound. Kaliya thinks it has to go from there, as eagle is coming. Kans thinks what is happening. I thought Kaliya is coming out. Balram says it is enjoyable to see Mama shri’s state. Kanha laughs. The Vrindavan residents tell Kans that they didn’t get any help yesterday. They tell that they need his help. Kans says he don’t do fake promises. Akroor says Maharaj is making arrangements. Kans asks them to go. The people tell Nand that they came in Kans’ talks, but now. Nand says we have to search solution somewhere else. Yashoda and Rohini asks the kids not to go near Yamuna river. Balram says we don’t go near the river. Radha asks Yashoda not to worry. Yashoda asks them to go and play. Sudama says nobody came to know what we did. Kans comes to Shukracharya and asks how to meet Kaliya? Shukracharya says Kaliya will not come to Mathura. Kans says I can’t go to Vrindavan and recalls Parvati’s swear. Shukracharya asks him to go there through river. Kans asks do you want to kill me. Shukracharya says he has hold till pataal and makes Kans drink something. He says until this solution is in your body, the poison in the river will not effect you. He says until this solution is in your body, you don’t need to worry.

The kids are near the yamuna river. Kanha is holding the stone. Vrinda says I will throw it far. Kanha says everytime I was called as small, I will show you all. Subal drinks milk and tells his mother that he is late, have to go near the river and play the game. He tells about throwing the stone in the river. His mother asks whose idea is this? Subal says Balram and Kanha. His mother takes him to Yashoda. Yashoda says we asked you not to go there, as there might be something poisonous in the river. Subal says we were maintaining distance from the river and playing. Yashoda asks if they are playing now also. Subal says yes. Kanha looks at the stone. Vrinda says he is aiming.

Kans is walking inside the river and sees Kaliya. He asks if you are Kaliya. Kaliya confirms. Kans says I have wasted my time, I thought to kill my enemy with you, but you are scared to come out of the river. He says I should have understood that ordinary snake like you, is of no use to me. Kaliya gets angry. Kans provokes him and says Krishna has killed Agasur. He says I came here to awaken your angry, but you are a coward. Kaliya says you didn’t see my real avatar. Kans asks it to come out and meet him, else sit here like a coward. Kaliya says I will not come in my real avatar. Kanha thinks time has come to make Kaliya come in his real avatar. He throws the stone in the river and it hits Kaliya. Kaliya becomes giant and emerges out of the water. All the kids see the snake. Kans sees Kaliya emerging out of water. Yashoda, Nand and others come out and see Kaliya. Kanha calls eagle and says his aim is fulfilled. Eagle comes there. Kaliya goes back to river. Yashoda shouts Kanha. Radha’s mother scolds her. Radha apologizes. Everyone thinks to make the snake leave from the water. Kanha asks Balram to tell them that Kaliya can’t come out of Yamuna. Balram tells Nand that he heard about snakes and tells that it will not come out and will not harm us. Rohini scolds him. The vrindavan resident asks from where it came. Nand says we shall discuss it later and shall go from here.

Kans appreciates Kaliya and says I shouldn’t have doubted you. He asks it to come out. Kaliya refuses to come out and says if you want to kill Krishn, then I will do, but for that you have to bring Krishna in the river. Kans asks how will I bring him here. Kaliya asks him to think of an idea. Kans says ok, I will bring him here. Kaliya says I will kill Krishna. Kans says we will kill Krishna together.

Precap: Balram throws a flower in the water. They see the well water getting black. Balram tells Kanha that people will die thirsty. Kanha thinks Kaliya’s end came near.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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