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Jai Kanhaiya Lal Ki 29th April 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Balram’s toli praises Lambodar and discusses that he is not caught while stealing butter. They discuss that they should shift Lambodar somewhere before anyone notices him. Ganeshji wakes up from sleep and feels happy recalling stealing butter last night. He falls back asleep in cowshed. Yashoda and Rohini head towards cowshed. Toli gets tensed seeing that and think they should shift Lambodar from there.

Kanha starts crying seeing Yashoda and Rohini to stop them from entering cowshed. Balam asks why is he crying. Kanha says he will not understand it. Yashoda hears Kanha crying and heads back toward home. Balram asks Kanha to stop crying or else everyone will think that he did something. Toli walks to them and scolds Balram. They ask Kanha why is he crying. Kanha says he hurt maiya’s heart by stealing butter, so he wants to serve her. Toli agrees to help him.

Yashoda and Rohini walk to Kanha and asks why is he crying. Balram says Kanha is feeling guilty for stealing butter and wans to serve her by cleaning cowshed. Toli joins him. Yashoda denies to accept their help, but Rohini convinces her seeing Toli’s determination.

Once Rohini and Yashoda leave, Toli wake up Lambodar and take him to garden to play with him where they ask him to teach them games of his planet. Lambodar cries seeing butterflies and says their planet has birds, animals, flora, fauna, etc, but his planet doesn’t have anything like that, do they call this god. They says this is nature. He asks them to describe how all the nature is made. They say tree grow by themselves, butterfly are born like human do. He asks how does this water flow, sun raises during day and sets at night, etc. They say they don’t know about it and even they want to know. Kanha praises Ganeshji for putting toli in dilemma and trying to make them believe in god.

Precap: Toli refuses to believe in the presence of gods. Ganeshji thinks he will take them where they will be forced to believe in god. Kanha warns him to to go against nature or else Mahadev will get angry.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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