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Nand baba scolds kids when they enter Taalvan and asks who set fire. A boy walks in front. Madhumangal says that boy set fire in Taalvan and he saved them. Boy says he saved the kids from Taalvan’s asuri donkeys as he is from Taalvan and knows asuri donkeys’ nature. He introduces himself as Dhenuk. Nand thanks him and asks if he can help him get fruits from Taalvan as he wants to sell fruits and milk in a meal. Dhenuk says there are 100s of asurs in Taalvan who will not let them take fruits out of Taalvan. Yashoda gets worried for Yashoda and confronts Nand for letting kids between asurs starts crying. Dhenuk holds Yashoda’s feet and says only she is worried for the kids, she is a true mother. He says he lost his mother when he was very small. Yashoda says he can all her maiya and visit her house anytime he wants to. He says he will visit her house tomorrow itself. Yashoda agrees.

Balram gets jealous seeing Dhenuk trapping Yashoda in his talks. Kanha says he sees someone jealous. Dhenuk smiles at Balram. Kans on the other side reveals that he opened Taalvan for everyone to trap Vrindavan citizens and end Kanha, he sent Dhenuk there as a part of his plan. He orders his soldier to inform Nand that he needs to pay 500 gold coins after the mela ends.

Balram’s team praises Dhenuk’s brave and kind nature. Balram fumes and says he seems to be suspicious. Kanha says Dhenuk manipulated his team easily. Their discussion continues. Nand decides not to attend mela. Kans’ soldier visits him and informs that Vrindavan needs to pay 500 gold coins to Kans after mela. Nand says Kans had waived off mela taxes. Soldier says taxes are waived off, its a token of appreciation. Nand gets tensed and decides to participate in mela to earn gold coins. Balram and his team also wish to participate in mela. Nand agrees.

Balram and his team setup a stall in mela and discuss what should they sell. Everyone suggest different things. Kanha suggests to sell pots. Dhenuk joins them and says he wants to help them. Team agrees, but Balram denies. Kanha convinces Balram. Dhenuk helps Balram and his team prepare pots and tries to humiliate him. Balram gets angry and determines to punish him.

Precap: Kans orders Dhenuk to kill Kanha on Chaitra navratri. Kanha thinks he will start Ramleela on Chaitra Navratri.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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