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Dhenuk insults Balram. Balram gets angry and raises hand to attack Dhenuk. Krishna makes Dhenuk slip and fall on pots. Balram is surprised. Yashoda with Rohini walks in there. Dhenuk complains Yashoda that Balram pushed him. Balram denies. Rohini asks his team if Balram pushed Dhenuk down. Team at once says yes, leaving Balram shocked. Rohini orders Balram to apologize Dhenuk. Balram angrily walks away. Kanha walks to him. Balram asks why didn’t he support him and gets angry on him. Kanha thinks Dau will see what he will do now.

Balram’s team calls him out and requests him to calm down and accompany them back to meal. Dhenuk plays his trick, apologizes Balram and requests him not to get angry on his team. Balram stands shocked seeing his drama and asks Kanha to do something. Kanha calls him Dau. Everyone is surprised to hear that. Balram thinks why is he not feeling happy hearing Dau from Kanha’s mouth and asks him to speak to him via telepathy like before. Team takes him to mela. Balram thinks of punishing Dhenuk and asks him to prepare pots. Dhenuk walks along but then sees Kans’ signal Hawk to meet him and leaves saying he has important work. Balram vents out his anger on his team and then calms down.

Kans while having food asks Akroor if Dhenuk came. Akroor says not yet. Dhenuk walks in, but guards don’t let him in. He kills them saying he is a donkey but not a fool. He walks to Kans who asks if he killed Kanha. Dhenuk says he is Dhenukasur and says he will kill Kanha soon and will present him in front of Kans. Kans offers him food and then spoils it and says he will get a feast only if he kills Kanha.

Dhenuk returns to Kanha and tries to catch him. Kanha escapes repeatedly. Yashoda and Rohini notice him and ask what is he doing here instead of helping Balram’s team in mela. Dhenuk says he came to play with Kanha. Rohini shows Kanha in a cradle. Dhenuk fumes seeing him there. Yashoda twists his ear and takes him out to help others in mela. Dhenuk reaches mela and creates an earthquake with a foot stamp making Balram’s temapots breaking. Balram worried for Kanha rushes towards home to protect him. Yashoda asks why he returned home early. He informs about the earthquake at mela and all the pots breaking.

Precap: Balram suggests everyone to organize Ramleela in mela. Dhenuk determines to kill Kanha during ramleela. Balram hears his conversation.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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