Japanese Skin Care Tips: Your age will look ten years less, follow this Japanese method to remove wrinkles

Japanese Skin Care Home Remedies: Whatever the number of age, no one wants to see the effect of aging on their body. This is the reason that the remedies for youthful skin are always popular and there is definitely some home remedy in the culture of every country, which has been used for centuries to maintain beauty. Is. Today we are talking about one such Japanese Skin Care Tips, which 

Japanese Skin Care Secret
Japanese home remedy to keep the skin young is associated with rice and rice water. You have to prepare a paste of rice at home and wash your face with the remaining water. Learn how to do this.

How to make rice paste

  • First you take half a cup of rice from the tea cup and wash them.
  • Now cook these rice in three cups of water.
  • When the rice is very soft after cooking Then turn off the flame and filter the rice and separate it from the water.
  • Fill the water in a glass jar and keep it in the fridge. 
  • Spoon the rice with the help of a spoon. Grind it finely. Now add two spoons of honey and one spoon of milk to these finely ground rice.
  • Your paste is ready. You can store this paste in the refrigerator by filling it in a separate glass jar and use it comfortably for the next three days.

Applying Method 

  • First clean the face with facewash. 
  • Now apply a paste of rice on the face and keep this paste on the skin for 20 to 25 minutes.
  • < li>After this wash the face with fresh water and wipe it with a towel.

  • Now take out 2 spoons of rice water from the fridge and apply it on the face with the help of cotton, as a toner.
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  • When the water applied for the first time dries up, apply it again with cotton. Do this until two teaspoons of water are gone.
  • Now wash the face with fresh water and apply any cream or moisturizer.

Disclaimer: The methods, methods and claims mentioned in this article are to be taken only as suggestions, ABP News does not confirm them. Please consult a doctor before following any such treatment/medication/diet. 

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