Jayawardene-Sangakkar attacked the government on the situation in Sri Lanka, Jacqueline Fernandez also reacted

This is partly due to shortage of foreign exchange, which is used to pay for fuel imports. People have been troubled for weeks due to long queues for fuel, cooking gas, short supply of essential items and hours of power cuts.



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Fernandez said the world and the people of my country don’t need another verdict, they need sympathy and support.

What the cricket players said?

Sangakkara, who plays a mentor to Rajasthan Royals, wrote on his Instagram page, ‘The people of Sri Lanka are facing one of the toughest times. It is heart breaking to see people and families in distress as they have to struggle even for a daily living and it is getting harder for them each day.’’

He wrote, ‘‘people are raising their voice and demanding something that is needed: a solution.’’ He said, ‘‘people are not enemies. What Sri Lanka needs is its people. Time is running out, people and their future must be saved.’’

He said, ‘‘True leaders accept their mistake. There is a need to take emergency steps to save the people in our country, everyone is together in difficult times. These problems are created by people and can be fixed by the right, competent people.’’

Punjab Kings batsman Bhanuka Rajapakse said, ‘‘I am miles away but I can feel the displeasure of my fellow Sri Lankans as they have to fight for their daily needs.’’

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