JDU chief Lalan Singh furious at Sanjay Jaiswal, said- why doesn’t BJP shoot bullets in their states

Patna: BJP state president Sanjay Jaiswal has been attacked by JDU National President Lalan Singh. He said that due to the anger of the people, Sanjay Jaiswal has lost his balance and due to the loss of balance, the Bihar BJP President has made such an allegation on the police-administration. Lalan Singh said that why will the administration target you? The administration is doing its job. Sanjay Jaiswal ask the attacker why he attacked BJP. Lalan Singh asked that in BJP ruled states why the government there has not opened fire on the people who are creating ruckus? Let BJP get thousands of people killed.

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Lalan Singh also spoke openly on the BJP-JDU relationship regarding the protest

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