Jharkhand Cash Case: Politics heats up over Jharkhand cash scandal, BJP seeks clarification from Congress

Jharkhand Cash Scandal: The politics of the state has become hot on the Jharkhand cash scandal. Congress state president Rajesh Thakur accused the BJP of conspiring to topple the government in Jharkhand like Maharashtra. According to Rajesh Thakur, the Kolkata Police was aware of the deal. MLA Irfan Ansari’s father, Furkan Ansari, defended the three MLAs and accused them of being implicated. He clearly  But said that the value of any MLA is sixteen lakhs? He also categorically denied the involvement of BJP and said that if BJP had to do it, it could have done it elsewhere in the country.

Irfan is a two-time MLA from Jamtara

Jharkhand Cash Case: Five arrested including three accused MLAs in Jharkhand cash case, police took action under this act

silence prevails at MLA’s residence

Jharkhand Politics: Three Jharkhand Congress MLAs stopped in West Bengal, huge amount of cash recovered

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