Jodhpur: Wooden metal handicraft kiosk became the center of attraction for railway passengers, operators were also happy

One Station One Product in Jodhpur: Wooden and metal handicraft kiosk installed at Jodhpur Railway Station under One Station One Product Scheme has been an attraction for travelers coming from far and wide. The central government is operating the scheme with the aim of encouraging small producers. Under the scheme, in the second phase, the metal handicraft kiosk adorned on the main platform of the station unintentionally pulls the passengers towards itself. Railway passengers waiting for the train on the platform are forced to look at the handicraft items.

Wooden and Metal Handicraft Kiosks on Platform 

The travelers visiting the kiosk say that the items of Wooden and Metal Handicrafts of Jodhpur are famous all over the world and are also very useful from the point of view of decoration in the house. Travelers further said that this would encourage small producers and businesses and Jodhpuri handicrafts would reach different states. Jodhpur Divisional Railway Manager Geetika Pandey says that on the guidelines of the Railway Board, such a fifteen-day kiosk was established in the past.

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Travellers show affection for Jodhpuri handicrafts

In view of the love of Jodhpuri handicrafts among the passengers, it has been extended for fifteen days. According to Senior Divisional Commercial Manager Jitendra Meena, the operating period of the kiosk will be determined as per the instructions of the Railway Board. Present Kiosk operator Rajeev Bhansali is also happy to get a railway station-like platform for the sale of wooden metal handicraft items and says that such a permanent kiosk should be set up at the station. He thanked Jodhpur DRM Geetika Pandey for this initiative.

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