Joe Biden: US President Joe Biden fell while riding a bicycle at the Beach House

Biden Bicycle Ride: President Joe Biden fell while trying to get off his bicycle Saturday near Cape Henlopen State Park near his Beach House in Delaware. Down). However, he says that he has not suffered any injuries. Immediately after the incident, US Secret Service agents helped the President to get up. Biden told reporters shortly thereafter that I was fine, that my leg was stuck.

79-year-old President Biden and his wife, Jill Biden, had gone for a bicycle in the morning and were proceeding to meet their well-wishers. Wearing a helmet, Biden fell down while trying to get off the bicycle. After falling to the right, Biden quickly stood up, recovering.

Joe Biden holidaying with family

79-year-old Biden is enjoying holidays in the US state of Delaware these days. He has come here with his wife to celebrate their wedding anniversary at Rehoboth Beach. Biden was cycling with his wife Jill Biden in the state park near the beach. Last month, Biden survived a fall while climbing the stairs of his official plane Air Force One.

stumbled three times in Atlanta

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