Jupiter Transit 2022: Transit of Jupiter will be auspicious or inauspicious for the people from Aries to Pisces, know the complete horoscope here

Horoscope, Guru Rashi Parivartan 2022, Jupiter transit 2022: In astrology, the planet Jupiter is considered an auspicious planet. Jupiter gives inauspicious results only in special circumstances. Guru is also related to knowledge and high position. What is the change of Jupiter’s zodiac sign on April 13 bringing for you, know the horoscope of Jupiter’s transit.

Aries- Jupiter is going to transit in the 12th house of Aries. During this period, the chances of traveling abroad are being made. There will be interest in the works of religion. There will be happiness in married life and there is a possibility of profit in business. 

Taurus- Jupiter is going to transit in the 11th house of this zodiac. This price is the price of income. In such a situation, having a guru in place of income can be beneficial.  There is a possibility of making a big profit during this transit period. There is also a chance of profit from secret sources. There will be sweetness in family relations and this time will also be beneficial for the students. 

Gemini-  There seems to be benefit due to the transit of karma. 10th house is considered to be of Karma. In this way, you can get success in employment. This transit is going to be favorable for people involved in employment related to medicine, law and food. You can get any place in career. People doing jobs can get respect. 

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Cancer-  Guru is going to transit in 9th house in Cancer. According to astrology, 9th house is of luck. The entire period of the transit is going to be very favorable. During this, the work done at the workplace will be appreciated. In such a situation, it is possible that the salary may also increase. Also, this transit will be beneficial for business people as well. Daily income will increase in business.

Leo (Leo)- According to astrology, Jupiter’s transit will be in the 8th house. Because of this, the financial situation can improve. Many new avenues of progress will be found. During this period, interference of someone else in married life can create a rift in the relationship. In such a situation, be careful about it   

Virgo Rashi (Virgo)- Jupiter’s transit will give auspicious results in some cases. People associated with work like advocacy etc. will benefit. New relationships will be formed. During this time, attention will have to be paid on married life. Try to make time for your life partner. Do not let a situation of controversy arise. Let there be harmony in the family. Income can increase. You can also get the benefit of promotion.

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Libra (Libra)- The transit of Jupiter is going to prove to be very fruitful for the students, those who are preparing for competitive examinations can get success. Good results can also be obtained in love relationships. Obstacles in love marriage can be removed. During this, special attention is needed in the matter of health, if you already have any stomach related disease, then take it seriously. Guru will increase in respect.

Scorpio (Scorpio)- Jupiter’s zodiac change will increase your talent and skill. During this, you will have to pay more attention to yourself. Every small or big responsibility has to be fulfilled. There may be a chance to participate in any event in the family. You may get an opportunity to serve the mother. You will get the fruits of hard work in business. There will be more success in the work done by planning.

Sagittarius- Jupiter’s transit is going to give you a big lesson in some matters. During this, learning a lot from past mistakes will move forward. Relationships can be affected, so your own nature and conduct will have to be looked into. Try to stay away from anger and ego. Don’t let your relations with your siblings get spoiled. You will get success in expressing your thoughts. Popularity will increase. Artists will benefit.

Capricorn (Capricorn)-  Jupiter’s zodiac change is bringing an increase in income. Guru will help you to get rid of money related problems. Can make investment plan. You can plan to buy land, building or vehicle etc. The health of a family member can become a cause of concern for you. Obstacles in going abroad can be removed, passport or visa related problems will be removed and there will be an opportunity to go abroad. Interest in religious works will increase.

Aquarius- Jupiter’s transit will provide benefits. But some things have to be taken care of. Money will be beneficial, but unnecessary expenses can cause mental stress. be you’re self. Maintain sweetness in speech, otherwise mutual relations may get spoiled. During this time you can get money that has been stopped. With diligence in business, you will be able to strengthen your position.

Pisces- Jupiter is transiting in your own zodiac. That’s why this position of Guru is most important for you. During this your knowledge will increase. The guru can fulfill the desire of getting a high position. Relations with spouse and partners will be strong. Spouse’s support will be received. Students can get success in achieving the goal   Proper management of money will have to be done during this time. Can invest etc. Guru will increase your popularity. Honor and respect will also increase.

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