‘Justice delayed means justice denied, judiciary-government have to come together’- said Rijiju

Kiren Rijiju On Judiciary: Law Minister Kiren Rijiju on Tuesday (January 24) said that there are about 4.90 crore cases pending in various courts, in such a situation the government and the judiciary have to come together so that Justice can be done and technology will play an important role in this. 

Kiren Rijiju also appreciated the contribution of Chief Justice DY Chandrachud as the head of the Supreme Court e-Committee. He told reporters after a Law Ministry program, ‘‘Around 4.90 crore cases are pending. That’s a huge number, especially when you consider that so many people are unable to get justice. Pending cases means delayed justice.  Justice delayed is justice denied. Justice should be delivered swiftly at the earliest.’’

What method was told? 

Kiren Rijiju said, ‘‘The only way to reduce the pendency rate is for the government and the judiciary to come together. We have to come together. Technology will play a very important role.’’ Rijiju  said that if a justice is elevated as Chief Justice, he hands over the charge of the e-committee to another judge. 

Want to thank

When Justice Chandrachud became the Chief Justice, Rijiju requested him to continue as the chairman of the e-committee as the third phase of the e-courts project was at a critical juncture. He said that he would like to thank Chief Justice Chandrachud of the e-committee. He said, ‘‘He can hand over the charge to someone else at an appropriate stage. I am happy that he has agreed and will continue to lead it (e-committee).’’

What is being attempted? 

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