Justin Bieber back on stage with Ramsay Hunt syndrome

Justin Bieber Resume Justice World Tour: Ex‍Sighting news for the fans of Justin Bieber, famous worldwide for his pop singing. After battling a serious illness like Ramsay Hunt Syndrome for about a month, he has returned to the stage. In June it was revealed that he had been suffering from Ramsay Hund syndrome. Due to this, a part of his face was paralyzed. Due to this he‍ had to cancel his Justice world tour. As part of this tour, he had to tour India also. 

The wife‍nee said this in praise of Bieber 

Bieber’s wife Hailey Bieber shared a clip of the performance on Instagram and wrote that she’s feeling very proud of her husband. Praising Justin Bieber, she wrote, ‘’One thing I know for sure that you can’t keep this guy‍s down.’’  With this caption‍shan Hailey has also shared a cry and love heart emoji. 

Bieber thanked fans for this message 

Justice World‍D Tour has begun 

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