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Yatho is performing the pooja with Malti aunti and Sakshi mam, Manav asks Khushal jee to take a uturn, Vibhav is shocked to see him in his office and questions what is he doing here, Manav explains it is the wrong question as he must ask what is he planning to do, he slaps Vibhav which Khushal jee records.

Manav is with Khushal jee in the car thinking about how Akanksha blamed him for being an abusive husband as he cheated on her and then he even started beating her, Manav gets a call from yatho so he hesitantly answers it, Yatharth questions if he is fine when Manav replies nothing wrong has happened so Yatho explains how can he be okay when he himself is not fine, he explains that he is going to perform in front of Mata Rani because the Navratri has started and he is going to give his entire strength to Manav who is fighting with such evil people, he is going to be the strength, Sakshi mam and Malti aunti both are delighted to see him. Khushal jee in forms Manav that Yatharth is not a child anymore but the blessing of Bhagwan who in his young self has said such things which even the older people cannot say so Manav must not let Vibhav be near him anymore.

Yatharth starts performing the pooja with Sakshi mam and Malti aunti, Manav reaches the office of Vibhav Kapoor walking inside he doesnot even listen to the call of the secretary who informs he cannot go in like this, Manav questions about Vibhav before heading inside the conference room, Vibhav questions what is Manav doing here but he doesnot reply but just stands in the face of Vibhav, he explains that he came to his house and ruined the entire family but he did not question what he was doing so Vibhav must ask what is he planning to do here, Manav slaps Vibhav really hard so that he falls on the table, the other attendees try to get up but sit down when Manav signals them, the employees also question who is beating Vibhav sir like this, Khushal jee explains that the person is Manav Bajpayee.

Vibhav tries to regain his senses in the chair when Manav exclaim he said that he is going to slap Manav in front of everyone but now will understand how someone beat him in his own office, he explains that the employees have to listen to him but now they also have a secret so should make him remember this day, Manav says this was just a trailer and if he ever tries to come near his son then he would show the entire picture, Manav leaves the conference room when everyone is really shocked.

Vibhav questions why are they looking at him as they must go to complete their work.

Khushal jee sitting in the car is smiling, but seeing Manav they both share a laughter he exclaims Manav has really done something awesome today because people not even wash their clothes like this as he beat Vibhav, Manav explains he might be a failed husband or human but he is a really good father because his son considers him to be a good father as he can do everything. Khushal jee advises him to focus on his case when Manav replies he doesnot have the money to give to any lawyer, Khushal jee explains that Akanksha also played the game as Kothari but he slapped the lawyer when Manav explains he will not let his lawyer use the means of wrong but Khushal jee explains that he was not humiliated like that in the court as humiliated Vibhav got in his office today.

Ranay comes running to Vibhav explaining the receptionist told him about what happened so should he call the police, Vibhav questions if he has gotten mad as he is going to reveal that the MD of Kapoor builders got beaten in his own office, Manav has not just irritated the lion but also injured him so now he is going to make him pay for the rest of his life, so much that Manav will ask for death just to be spared from his torture.

Sakshi mam is trying to feed Yatho but he is insisting to only eat after the Navratri, she asks if he would also not like to have the pizza, he agrees to eat it so she decides to make it just now but he ponce again says he will have it after Navratri, Manav entering the house is excited to hear the name of the pizza saying he makes the best but both of them start smiling, Manav mentions he is going to learn the recipe of Mam so is coming back after washing his clothes, Sakshi mam explains that he has kept a fast, Manav questions why did he think of keeping a fast as he must eat. Manav is shocked to see how tensed he got, Sakshi mam explains what happened today as she never knew he would keep a fast after hearing her mother-in-law. Manav explains there is nothing to be worried about as they taught him a good thing which is their culture, he explains he is going to help her feed Yatho.
Manav and Sakshi mam both are talking very loudly about how well the pizza they both are going to make as they are placing extra cheese and make it without onion and ginger, he even suggests something hearing which yatho sees them both from the corner, Manav asks if he is feeling hungry then why does he not come to help them, Manav immediately explains he would not be able to take care of the case if yatho gets ill as he is his strength. He then places the pizza in the oven.

Vibhav on the call directs the person to get the job done, Akanksha comes to him questioning how was his day, he in anger questions why is she behaving like a typical housewife as he is already really tensed so if she doesnot have anything important them must leave him alone, she questions why is showing such attitude as she just came to inform that Meera is waiting for him downstairs, he leaves when she gets the video clip from Khushal jee who thinks now she will know the real face of Vibhav.

Vibhav advises Meera to make sure that Manav pays for his actions. Akanksha comes in excitement revealing that now thing will happen as per their own ways, she shows the video as it will prove that Manav is really violent, Vibhav questions why is she hell bent on ruining his image and he tries to snatch the mobile when Akanksha questions why has he made such a body to get beaten by Manav, Vibhav takes the mobile asking Ranay to find out who sent the video because if this gets out then it will ruin everything, he goes to the room filling a bag with money and asks Ranay to take it to the phone booth on some distance, Ranay doesnot understand anything so asks what happened but Vibhav just advises him to do as he is told.

Manav is eating the pizza with yatho and Sakshi mam assuring he is going to handle everything, Yatharth seeing the injuries on his hand questions what happened so he reveals he went to beat a devil, Sakshi mam replies that he also has to meet that devil in the court tomorrow so has he thought about a lawyer, Manav replies he is trying his best, Sakshi replies that they will not come to his house when there is someone at the door. Manav opens it to see a stick hitting his shoe, he recalls that he is Shenoy sir from the court.

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